EssentialCraft Mod 1.4.6 is a mod, which adds alchemy, magic and elements.Progressing in this mod isn’t as simple, as in most other mods. You will have to work hard, if you want to progress further in this mod,because crafting requires lots of resources. Progressing in alchemy gives you new alloys and metals to make your tools and armor from. There are four elemental powers in this mod: Air, Earth, Water and Fire. Each of them gives you special abilities if you use them the proper way.




  • 1)If you do not have Minecraft Forge installed, backup your minecraft.jar, and install forge(do not forget to delete META-INF!)
  • 2)Download the mod itself.
  • 3)Put everything in “to mods” folder to your mods folder(if you do not have one create it)
  • 4)Put everything inside “to resources” folder to your resources folder
  • 5)Launch the game to see if everything works correctly




  • Essential extruder with Earthen focus now works.
  • Placing 2 redstone jukeboxes next to eachother no longer crashes your game.
  • Brass buttons now work.
  • Brass pressure plates now work.


  • Updated to 1.4.6 minecraft version.
  • Essential Extruder with air focus works much more smoother now, creates particles and sounds.
  • Essential Extruder with earthen focus now creates particles.
  • Magical Torches now create different particle effects.


  • Crystals are not displaying correctly in multiplayer

Download Links for EssentialCraft Mod 1.4.6

For Minecraft 1.4.6

For Minecraft 1.4.5

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