After the long wait for the next big update of Minecraft, it is officially announced that Minecraft 1.19 “The Wild Update” will be released by Mojang Studios on June 7, 2022. Many players are eager to try out this new version as it brings a lot of delightful developments to the game with the addition of new biomes, blocks, mobs, and so on. Before welcoming the arrival of the new version, let’s see how far have we known about this update.

Details of the update

According to Minecraft’s official blog, the Minecraft 1.9 The Wild Update will be released on June 7th, 2022 for Java and Bedrock users on all platforms at the same time. This means that The Wild Update will be available for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch,  iOS,  Android, and  Windows – and Minecraft: Java Edition on Windows,  macOS,  and Linux on the same day.

Notable Changes in the New Version

1. New Biomes in Minecraft 1.19

The Wild Update introduces to the game two new overworld biomes which are mangrove swamps and the deep dark.

  • The mangrove swamp biome provides improvements to the existing swamp biome in the game. It features new mangrove trees and roots, mud blocks, frogs, and froglight blocks.

  • Spawn only below the Y=-1 level of height, The Deep Dark biome lives up to its name for being a dark and scary place for a player to be. This biome features durable deepslate, shriekers and sculk blocks, terrifying warden mobs, and new Ancient City structures

2. New Structures

Along with the new biomes, there are also some brand new structures that can be found spawning naturally after the update. A famous one that we may all know about is the Ancient City, a part of the deep dark biome and the home to the terrifying Warden. Around the city, you can find rare loot chests, new Sculk blocks, and even some ores but you also have to watch out for the lurking danger 

Moreover, players can also expect the appearance of new types of villages in accordance with the new biomes. For example, swamp villagers and jungle villagers have already been added to the game, it’s only a matter of time before they build a hometown of their own.

3. New mobs

The promised mobs are by far the most awaited features in the 1.19 update. As many of us may have known, The Wild Update will introduce Frogs, Tadpoles, the Warden and lastly – the Allay into the game.

  • Frogs and Tadpoles

We can easily find the newly added frogs around the swamps or mangrove swamps in the coming update. These creatures love to hang out on the edges of lands or on lily pads and drip leaves. They mostly consume small magma cubes and slime cubes as their diet. You can feed them slime cubes to make them mate and magma cubes to make them produce froglight blocks.

As for the baby version of the frogs, the tadpoles spawn from eggs laid by the frogs on the water surface. These small creatures usually travel in groups and have a rather small health bar. 

  • Warden

Warden is, without doubt, the most well-known mob in this update with its peculiar appearance and supernatural power. Besides its unreal strength, the Warden is famous for being the first blind mob in the game. Without its eyes, the Warden will hunt players via sound and vibrations that they make while trying to escape. 

  • Allay

As opposed to the terrifying guard of the deep dark, this fairy-looking. The Allay is not a passive nor hostile mob when it can actually interact with players. The Ally will pick up dropped items and gather copies of that item around the world for you. In a survival world, you can find the Allay in Pillage Outposts and the Woodland Mansions.

4. New items

Every updated version must introduce new sets of items into the game, The Wild Update is no exception. Let’s take a look at the most notable ones that might change your whole adventure experience. 

  • Echo Shard & Recovery Compass: The echo shard can be found only in loot chests in ancient cities, it is merely used to craft the recovery compasses. Just like its name, the recovery compass is a new type of compass which can help the player locate the place where they last died. 
  • Goat Horn: The goat horn is known as the first instrument ever introduced in Minecraft. Players can equip and blow the horn to make loud sounds and attract the attention of other players from a far distance.
  • Boat with Chest: Storage has always been a great concern in every Minecraft adventure, especially when a player wants to travel by boat. Boat with chest can expand a player’s storage by one chest when they want to take a journey on water.

It’s less than a week until we can officially try out the 1.19 update. By knowing just what to expect, players can fully enjoy the new features in the new version! 

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