Here is some informations about Extreme Ant Farm Map for Minecraft Frostburn that you can need before download it.

Extreme Ant Farm Map Rules:

  • On multiplayer, turn on command blocks.
  • Only take achievement rewards in the center area when you have completed them.
  • Don’t leave the Ant Cube until you get to that achievement.
  • Don’t break the ant cube’s inner wall’s glass layer. I hate it, but it’s needed.
  • Use the included texture pack so things make sense!
  • Play in version 1.4.4 or newer

Map Achievements:

Rank 1

  • Make an Iron Golem
  • Make full Diamond Armor and Tools
  • Make a base / house
  • Get a Hardcore Dungeon medal on first try, without dying

Rank 2

  • Make the Nether Fortress safe and loot it
  • Brew a Splash Potion of Regeneration II
  • Make a gunpowder farm
  • Make a renewable coin source

Rank 3

  • Complete the Medal Room
  • Destroy all spawners on top of the Ant Cube
  • Place the dragon egg on its shrine on the very top
  • (Optional) Enter the Forbidden Ant Farm

Rank 4 (Forbidden Ant Farm)

  • Make an Ender Chest
  • •Destroy or conquer all spawners in the Forbidden Ant Farm
  • Find all rogue shops
  • Complete the Simmered Cave, and get the Forbidden Pickaxe.
  • Complete the Withering Catacombs, and get the Forbidden Wand.
  • Complete the Tomb of Demons, and get the Forbidden Blade.
  • (Optional) Find the Mechanite Forge and get the Quasar Sword.

Download links for Extreme Ant Farm Map:

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