Famous Mod is a mod that adds 43 Famous people to you’re minecraft. This mod also add some weapons and blocks, and Famous items

Famous People:

  • SkyDoesMinecraft (SkyDoesMinecraft)
  • Joebuz (TheAtlanticCraft)
  • TheCodyMaverick (TheAtlanticCraft)
  • Honeydew (Yogcast)
  • Xephos (Yogcast)
  • Sips (Yogcast)
  • Sjin (Yogcast)
  • Antvenom (AntVenom)
  • IpodMail (IpodMail)
  • CaptainSparklez (CaptainSparklez)
  • CaveManFilms (CaveManFilms)
  • MinecraftUniverse (MinecraftUniverse)
  • Wasliebob (Famous Mod Developer)
  • BebopVox (BebopVox)
  • Notch (Mojang)
  • HuskyMudkipz (HuskyMudkipz
  • Deadlox (Deadlox)
  • Jeb (Mojang)
  • ChimneySwift11 (ChimneySwift11)
  • xXSlyFoxHoundXx (xXSlyFoxHoundXx)
  • ThnxCya (ThnxCya)
  • paulsoaresjr (paulsoaresjr)
  • Mr360Game (Mr360Game)
  • Ninjaprolog (Ninjaprolog)
  • Hypixel (Hypixel)
  • SethBling (SethBling)
  • ihascupquake (ihascupquake)
  • Setosorcerer (Setosorcerer)
  • Gizzy Gazza (Gizzy Gazza)
  • KermitPlaysMinecraft (KermitPlaysMinecraft)
  • SSundee (SSundee)
  • DawnDigsMinecraft (DawnDigsMinecraft)
  • TCTNGaming (TCTNGaming)
  • MrGibbsPowerOn (MrGibbsPowerOn)
  • Hannah (Yogcast)
  • Duncan (Yogcast)
  • Martyn (Yogcast)
  • GameChap (AdamzoneTopMarks)
  • Bertie (AdamzoneTopMarks)
  • SCMowns (SCMowns2)
  • Three Secret one’s ……..

Items, Drops:

  • Budder: Drop From SkyDoesMinecraft
  • Squid Ingot: Drop from SquidMan
  • Atlantic Ingot: Drop from Joebuz, TheCodyMaverick
  • Ninja Ingot: Drop from Sasuke, Naruto, TheNinjaProlog
  • Jerry’s Sword: Drop from CaptainSparklez
  • Jaffa: Drop from Honeydew


Show Spoiler
Budder Portal:

G = Gold Block
B = Budder

Red Stone Brick
Put an Brick and 1 redstone in the crafting table.

Blue Stone Brick
Put an Red Stone Brick in the crafting table.

Budder, Atlantic, Ninja, Squid:
These sword’s are crafted like vanilla once only with other ingot’s.

Iron Ingot, Leather

Fire Blade
Block of Gold, Block of Diamond, Lava Bucket

Hero Blade
6 Block of Diamonds

Herobrine Killer

H = Hero Blade
D = Diamond
S = Handle

Fire Sword

H = Fire Blade
D = Diamond
S = Handle

Wand Of Notch

S =  Blaze rod
D = Block of Diamonds
– = Nothing



  • Download Minecraft Forge and Famous People Mod
  • Go to you’re files and in the top bar type, “%appdata%”.
  • Then goto roaming and in there, there is a map named “.minecraft”
  • Open that one and search for a map named bin.
  • In that map there is a file called minecraft.jar, open that and put Minecraft Forge, and Famous in there.
  • Startup your minecraft and have fun!

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