This is 1 of the dimensions included in the mod Field of Dimensions and its name is Skyr



  • Flying Jellyfish: These behave much as wolves. They float around in Seaweed (more info later) in packs and when you attack them, they attack you with their whole pack. They 1 heart of damage every 1 second for 3 seconds (does not stack). You can tame these with Blue Slime, and they behave just as wolves. When you kill them, they drop an Electric Coil. (TAMING DOES NOT CURRENTLY WORK)


  • Floating Trees: The floating trees are like a little island of trees, usually consisting of a 2×2 – 3×3 block of logs surrounded by leaves. They are found everywhere in Skyr. The logs, leaves and planks have a blue tint.
  • Skyweed: This looks and behave a lot like seaweed. Skyweed spawns all around Skyr. Jellyfish spawn in them.


  • Lux Ore: This ore is found all around in Skyr. It is about as common as iron and when you break it, it will drop Lux Powder.
  • Luxillian Block: This is a block of solified light. Made from the Lux Powder, it is a bright light with slight transparency. It is made from Lux Powder.


  • Squirrel Meat: This drops from squirrels and heals you 0.5 hearts raw and 1.5 hearts cooked.
  • Nuts: This drops from squirrels in chunks of 2 – 5. They are throwable, but deals no damage. Used to lure mobs. Can be cooked into Baked Nuts that heals you 1 heart. (is bugged)
  • Aeir Powder: This powder drops from the Floating Clouds. No use as of yet (will have later on)
  • Electric Coil: Drops from Floating Jellyfish. Used to make Electric Whip.
  • Electric Whip: The Electric whip is a weapon. When an enemy is hit they will receive 1 heat of damage every second for 3 seconds aswell as being slowed. Cows, Chickens and Pigs will drop their cooked version of meat when killed with the Electric Whip.
  • Blue Slimeball: Drops from Blue Slimes and are used to tame Jellyfish (does not work yet). Can be combined with a regular Slimeball to create 2 blue (will be implemented later).
  • Pomegranade: These fruits drops from Grenade Apple Bushes and heals you for 3 hearts of health. Can be crafted into a Grenade Apple. (Bushes doesn’t spawn yet)
  • Grenade Apple: Crafted using Grenade Apples and Gunpowder, you can throw these and they will deal damage to everyone within range of the explosion. Behave just like a Ghast Fireball. (bugged)
  • Lux Powder: Drops from Lux Ore. Can be crafted into Luxillian Block and Luxillian Torches. (Torches not yet implemented)
  • Granite Tools/Sword: Basic tools of the Skyr. Made from Granite and Sticks. A bit more efficiency than stone, but also lower durability.
  • Corrupted Seeds: Drops from the Corrupted Stone. You can plant it on any block, and it will poison every mob (including the player) in a 1 block around it. Will slowly corrupt the blocks around it, starting with the one being planted on, converting them into Corrupted Stone. (bugged texture)



  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Skyr Mod
  • Put Skyr Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done

For Minecraft 1.4.7

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