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This is a set of server side mod that adds useful commands such as “/warp”, “/setspawn” and functions like “login”, “permissions”, “protection” to Vanilla/Lan Servers that can’t use any bukkit plugin.


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Core mod must be installed into the your .jar file.
or other mods may not work as expected.

/mods – Lists the mods on the server
/colors – Adds color to a chat message (For example: “^yellow <some text>”)


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This mod lets you and your pal warps around your server like a wizard.

The number of homes can be set by a player can be changed in “/.minecraft/fihgu/teleport/config.txt”.


warp <playername> / <x> <y> [height] / <Warp Point> – warps you to a player/ location / global warp for global/location warping the warp.location permission is needed
setwarp <warpname> – sets a global warp location
delwarp <warpname> – deletes a global warp location
summon <playername>
y – accepts a warp/summon request from another player. Can be overridden by the warp.ignorerequest permission
n – denies a warp/summon request from another player. Can be overridden by the warp.ignorerequest permission
back – warps you back to the last warp location or death point. In order to warp back to your last death point the deathback permission is needed
setspawn – allows modification of the server’s spawn point.
spawn – warps you back to the spawn point
sethome [homename] – sets a home location (if home name wasn’t given, it will use “home” by default)
home [homename] – warps you back to the home location
delhome <homename> – deletes a home
top – warps you to the highest point of the terrain. Handy for getting out of a mine/dungeon quickly

Speical Permission: warp.location
allow player to use /warp <Warp Point> or /warp <x> <y> [height]

Speical Permission: warp.ignorerequest
allow a player warp to or summon another player without them accepting.

Speical Permission: deathback
allow a player use /back to teleport back to the place where he just died.


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this mod puts a password on your character so other people can’t mess with you.
PS: You will only be asked for password once as long as you don’t change your IP.

/register <password> <repeatpassword> – registers you on the server when logging in for the first time
/login <password> – Logs you into the server if your IP changes.
/logoff – sign off from this computer(IP).


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Players can lock a block or an area, so only himself and who he choose to share it with may edit/use that block/area.

use /lock to lock.
and /share <player> to share.
use /setregion <region> to lock an area

Note that if you /lock a chest, only the block you locked is lock. others can still open that chest by right clicking on the other block the chest has, so lock both block!

speical permission: bypasslock
Allows a player ignore other’s lock and edit them at his will.


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Server Owners can limite what commands a player can use by editing the config file belongs to that player.

these config files are located at fihgu/permission/

in the file, “@group” <Group> means this player/group contains all permission the group owns.
adding a “!” before a permisssion will deny that permission, even if the player/group has the same permission come from other groups.


  • addgroup <groupname> – Adds a permission group
  • addpermission <permission> <username> – Gives a user a specific permission
  • addpermissiongroup <groupname> – Creates a new permission group
  • delpermission <permission> <username> – Removes a specific permission from a user
  • delpermissiongroup <groupname> – Removes a permission group
  • joingroup <groupname> <playername> – Adds a player to a group
  • delgroup <groupname> <playername> – Removes a player from a group
  • leavegroup <groupname> – Allows a player to leave a specific group


  • 1.Install Minecraft Forge
  • 2.Put the content of fihgu’s core mod into .jar file.
  • 3.Drop all other mods into “/mods” folder.
  • 4.Enjoy.

How to install “Core”:

  • First open your “.jar” file with winrar.
  • Then copy all the content inside the core zip, and paste them into the “.jar” file.

How to install other parts:

  • Copy them into “.minecraft/mods/”.
  • If you don’t have that folder, you need to install forge and run your game once.

For Minecraft 1.5.2

For Minecraft 1.4.7

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