At Finprison Server, we don’t just build worlds; we build exciting possibilities. Our server is more than just a virtual landscape; it’s a dynamic community that’s filled with thousands of unique players, all exploring, mining, and completing quests. The server is not only diverse but also flexible, accommodating players on the Java version, Windows 10, mobile, and console.

Experiencing Versatility in Gaming

Finprison is proud to be Finland’s most versatile Minecraft prison server. With us, the word ‘versatility’ takes on a whole new meaning. You can play Finprison through various platforms including the Java version, on your mobile phone, the Windows 10 version, or even on a console. This versatility allows our community to expand and thrive, welcoming players from all types of devices.

Discover the Thrill of the Game

At Finprison, we go beyond the typical Minecraft prison server experience. Imagine the thrill of waiting for the roulette outcome! This feature brings a whole new dimension of excitement to the game, where the spin of a wheel can mean a difference between fortune and setback.

Joining the Finprison Community

One of the greatest aspects of playing on our server is the vibrant community. Finprison brings together thousands of players, all with unique perspectives and styles of play. Here, you don’t just play; you converse, strategize, collaborate and even compete with others. This shared experience amplifies the thrill of the game, turning it into a collective adventure.

Optimized for the Best Gaming Experience

Here at Finprison, we understand that a good gaming experience is seamless and responsive. That’s why our server has been carefully designed and optimized for the Bedrock version. This ensures smooth gameplay for all our players, regardless of their platform. This commitment to optimization is what sets us apart, making us the only Finnish server to deliver such an optimized experience.

Experience Finprison Today

There’s an entire world waiting for you at Finprison. A world where mining takes on a whole new meaning. A world that evolves with player suggestions and hosts thousands of unique players. It’s not just a server; it’s an ever-evolving world of possibility. Why wait to experience this versatile, thrilling, and expansive world? Join Finprison today, and elevate your Minecraft prison server gaming experience to new heights.

Server Information

Author: Finprison Team

Server name: Finprison

Server Location: Finland

Minecraft Platform: Java, MCPE, Bedrock

Supported Version: 1.20.1

Game types: Economy, Prison, PvP

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Server Features

  • MINES Finprison: Breathing New Life into the Art of Brick Mining
    • Welcome to MINES Finprison, a vibrant world where we have significantly amplified the number of mines and elevated the value of the items from mines. Our original vision was simple: to revolutionize the act of brick mining. Today, we stand proud, having taken this concept to new heights with an impressive array of mines brimming with treasures awaiting your discovery.
  • The Evolution of Mining in Finprison
    • At MINES Finprison, our journey commenced with a single aspiration: to breathe new life into the traditional notion of brick mining. This passion is the driving force behind our constant pursuit of advancement, and we’ve done more than just raise the quantity of our mines.
    • Every mine within our realm serves as a unique venture into a rich world filled with potential. Players no longer merely ‘dig bricks’; they embark on thrilling expeditions, unearthing a plethora of rare items and precious resources. Through these diverse experiences, the value of items from our mines has skyrocketed, providing our miners with rewarding and engaging gameplay.
  • An Array of Quest Characters and Missions in Finprison
    • Immersion is key to the unique Finprison experience. We boast more than 80 quest characters, each with their own intriguing narratives and missions. With over 200 missions in total, players find themselves engrossed in the rich tapestry of our world.
    • New tasks, inspired by the creative suggestions of our players, are integrated into our platform on a regular basis. This player-influenced approach ensures a constant influx of fresh challenges, eliminating the potential for stagnant gameplay and keeping you on your toes.

In-game Features


Venture into the thrilling world of Finprison’s unique Prison Mode. Here, players undertake exciting quests, mine valuable resources, and rise through the ranks in a meticulously designed prison system. With opportunities to trade, craft, and interact with an engaging community, every moment in Prison Mode offers a chance for a new adventure. Explore the unknown, build your reputation, and carve your path towards ultimate freedom in the immersive environment of Finprison.


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