If you’ve shown interest in the Minecraft community for at least 2020, you may have heard of the infamous Dream SMP where famous content creators come together to roleplay and entertain the audience via Improv. This is the famous Foregone DreamSMP Map (1.19), people who play on the server if they stream on twitch or are good friends with Dream such as TommyInit, Sapnap, Willbur Soot Gorgenotfounf…


  • This map is a recreation of the DreamSMP before the plot and wars took forth, hence the name “Foregone DreamSMP”. The builds in it are from before the lore had reached its height today and may seem tiny compared to what it looks like today. The purpose of the world is to preserve the memory of how it was in the old days of the SMP.

  • The community house is the very first structure built by the dream team before everyone else joined and came along.

  • These are the builds surrounding the community house built by different people.

  • Just before you head to the tunnel leading to L’manburg, you can visit the home of the young twitch streamer ‘TommyInnit’.

  • And finally, the country that changed the Era of the SMP forever, L’manburg and the election podium.

Installation Note:

  • If your downloaded file has ‘.zip’ at the end, rename the file and delete it. Afterward, you can click on the file to import it to Minecraft.

How to install:

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Foregone DreamSMP Map (1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

mcworld: Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

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