Fortress Client (1.19, 1.18) is one of the best Optifine clients for MCPE, this client has gotten so much better and definitely will become one of your favorites! If you play some Hive Skywars to see if it’s really an FPS Booster for Minecraft PE, surprisingly it is very smooth and you can’t seem to feel any lag going on during the game even if your render distance is high. This works for most Android and ios devices. (This might work with Windows 10 and consoles.)


Fortress client has a cool UI and loading screen

Direction HUD (better for PvP)

Clock and compass

Free cape and wing

Easy for newbie to use

Detailed config

How to install:

How To Install Mod / Addon on Minecraft PE

How To Install Texture Packs on Minecraft PE

How To Install Map on Minecraft PE

Fortress Client (1.19, 1.18) Download Links

For MCPE/Bedrock 1.19, 1.18

Fortress Client: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

Fortress PvP Packs: Download from Server 2

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