Frost Element Lucky Block Mod (1.18.2) introduces over 120 ice/snow themed Lucky Block Drops. You will get to explore and play with tons of new blocks, items and features. Some of these Lucky Blocks may even generate new structures. Some of them will reward you, while others might give you a slow, freezing, ice-cold death.


  • 120+ Cold and Frozen Drops: The Frost Element Lucky Block addon introduces over 120 new cold and frozen drops to Minecraft, offering players a wide variety of unique items and surprises.
  • New Blocks, Items, Weapons, and Structures: This addon enriches the gameplay with an array of fresh content, including new blocks, items, weapons, custom drops, and structures. Players can explore and interact with these additions to enhance their Minecraft experience.
  • Ice-Themed Features: Prepare for an icy adventure as the addon brings an abundance of ice-themed drops and structures to the game, such as the chilling ice dungeons constructed entirely from ice blocks and inhabited by strays. Brace yourself for a frosty journey in the world of Minecraft!
  • Crafting Recipe: To craft the Frost Element Lucky Block, you’ll need eight lucky blocks and 64 blue ice blocks. This combination results in the creation of one Frost Element Lucky Block, enabling players to access the exciting content provided by this addon.



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Lucky Block Mod

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