FruitySMP Server, is an absolutely fantastic Minecraft server that caters to the vibrant LGBTQ+ community on both Java and Bedrock Edition.

This incredible creation, born from the brilliant mind of the esteemed content creator Monjii, arose out of a deep need for a safe haven, a true sanctuary where individuals from this wonderfully diverse community can find comfort. FruitySMP stands tall as a bastion of togetherness and acceptance, embracing each and every individual with open arms. Whether you proudly identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community or you’re a dedicated ally, FruitySMP invites you to dive headfirst into the thrilling world of Minecraft, all within an environment that’s overflowing with safety, inclusivity, and boundless warmth.

Server Information

Author: Monjii

Server name: FruitySMP

Server Location: United Kingdom

Minecraft Platform: Java, MCPE, Bedrock

Supported Version: 1.20.2

Game types: Survival, Skyblock, SMP, Bedrock, Towny, Vanilla, MCMMO, Crossplay, Cracked, Economy

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Survival: Survival mode on FruitySMP is a journey of exploration, creativity, and community. Players are dropped into a world with minimal resources and must gather materials, build shelters, and fend off creatures to survive.

In FruitySMP’s Survival mode, you’re not just surviving, you’re becoming part of a vibrant, inclusive community. Whether you’re building a home, trading with other players, or exploring the vast Minecraft landscape, every moment is an opportunity to connect with others and create your own unique story.

Features in survival gamemode:

  • McMMO
  • Claiming
  • Voting
  • Bugged Armour
  • Bugged Weapons
  • Bugged Items
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Community chest
  • Creates
  • Auction House
  • Shop
  • Market

Skyblock: The beauty of Skyblock lies in its simplicity and the endless possibilities it offers. With just a tree and a chest of items, you can create a thriving island with farms, homes, and even a trading system. It’s a game mode that encourages resource management, planning, and creativity.

On FruitySMP’s Skyblock mode, you’re not just building an island; you’re building a home in the sky. Whether you’re a solo player looking for a challenge or a group of friends seeking a cooperative project, Skyblock offers a unique and rewarding Minecraft experience.

Features in Skyblock gamemode:

  • Auction House
  • Shop
  • Server Warps
  • Player Vaults
  • IS manager
  • Ranks
  • Voting


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