The FTB Interactions Modpack (1.12.2) is the largest and most ambitious progression pack that FTB has released to this point. The pack was developed to stimulate cross-mod interactions in order to overcome logistical hurdles, fight buffed monsters, outright cheese traditional roadblocks, and even automate the death of bosses. These objectives can be accomplished through the use of the pack. It is a progression and mission-focused pack that is designed for players who are searching for a long-term challenge for themselves or in a server setup with teams in mind. The target audience for this pack is people looking for a challenge. Do you have what it takes to journey through the shadowy star Aurelia, searching its dungeons for unique pieces of technology while fending off Eldritch Praetors? What do you think about draining the blue vitriol oceans of Euclydes in order to satisfy the copper need of your enormous factories? Have you ever crafted a floating reincarnation jail for the Ender Dragon, then extracted its heart to use as a source of power for your armor and weapons? Or did you irrigate your flowers with starlight that had been tainted with diesel? Do you really want to know what happens if you put a Mighty Ender Chicken in anti-matter that has magical properties? The path leading to the discovery of the answers to these questions is not going to be an easy one.


  • Creation and development of a wide variety of Modpacks.
  • New rewards and quests system.
  • Make a new gaming direction for Skyblock.
  • Make a wide range of intriguing machines.



Minecraft Forge


How to install:

Please visit the following link for full instructions: How To Download & Install Modpack

FTB Interactions Modpack (1.12.2) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.12.2

Forge Version: Download from Server 1


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