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King’s Landing, the place where King Aegon I Targaryen, dubbed “The Conqurer”, landed on the continent of Westeros and began to forge the Seven Kingdoms into one.  Here he built his majestic city, over half a millions citizens in population, lying atop and between three high hills. From the Red Keep atop Aegon’s High Hill, the Targaryen kings ruled the city and the realm, and after them the Baratheons, from atop the Iron Throne.


This amazing build, its walls spanning around an area about 900*700, along with the sprawl outside. It took a little over four months for over 100 skilled builders, each going through a tough application process, to build this amazingly-detailed city. Fly over the city and watch in awe when you try and count the endless buildings, or walk through the streets and be amazed by how much distance you need to cover.

King’s Landing Map Screenshots:


Kings Landing – a city with over 3000 unique buildings!


Aerial render


The Great Sept of Baelor


The Dragonpit


The city docks


Baelors Sept from Roseclyffe


Another Dragonpit shot


Street of Silk and the Maidens Sept


The Red Keep, the castle overlooking Kings Landing


The Great Sept of Baelor


The Dragonpit


The throne room, and the Iron throne


Kings Landing, from the livemap


The Dragonpit, with the Red Keep on the horizon


Another shot of Baelors Sept


A better look at the city


The Tourney Grounds


The Red Keep, from the city side


The Red Keep, from the river side


The small docks in the sprawl area

Notable locations:

  • The Red Keep is the castle overlooking the city of King’s Landing, from the peak of Aegon’s High Hill. Within, the Targaryen kings and the Baratheon Kings held court in the throne room, atop the Iron Throne, a seat of cruel iron barbs, forged from the swords of his enemies, made in the fires of Balerion the Black Dread, Aegon’s Dragon. The Red Keep was built by King Aegon I, continued by his son Aenys I, and finished by his son Maegor I. Within the keep lies Maegor’s Holdfast, a castle within the castle, which is only accessible by a drawbridge over a dry moat filled with iron spikes, and by secret tunnels running throughout the castle, whose secrets only the Targaryens knew.
  • The Great Sept of Baelor  is located at the top of Visenya’s hill, surrounded by a white marble plaza. In the plaza stands the statue of King Baelor I Targaryen, dubbed “The Blessed” for his faith and devotion. The sept is the center of religion for the Faith of the Seven, the most prominent religion in Westeros. Within the sept, huge statues of the Seven stand: The Father, Mother, Maiden, Warrior, Smith, Crone, and the Stranger, at their feet perfumed candles lighted in prayer for the gods. Underneath the spet, the living cells of the spetons and their kitchens lie, as well as the anicent tombs of the Targaryen kings.
  • The Dragonpit is a huge, cavernous building that sits atop Rheanys’s hill. Within the anicent structure, the Targaryens had kept their dragons for their own sakes and the city’s sake. The building had fallen into disuse, however, when the last dragon died during Aegon III’s reign. Its anicent bronze door was sealed, and the structure had fallen into disrepair. Its great dome had collapsed, and the floor has broken in several places. Legend has it, that to this day, some dragon eggs are still hidden underneath, sealed from the eye of greedy men…
  • The Dragon Square is the central square in King’s Landing, and market halls and stalls line its sides. In the ground a great three-headed dragon, the sigil of House Targaryen, is incised within the stone. Time and weather had worn the dragon away, but the square still stands and men come daily to trade. Also on its side is the mysterious Guildhall of Alchemists, whom are said to make the terrible substance called Wildfire in its underground vaults.
  • The Street of Steel is where most smiths have their forges. It begins on the market square beside the River Gate and climbs up Visenya’s hill, behind Baelor’s Sept. Within one could find common smiths who would make them nails and shoes, but also armorsmiths and goldsmiths, who would forge beautiful objects. swords and armor. Towering above the other smiths, Tobho Mott’s smith is the best in the city and the biggest. His work is like no other, and he boasts that many highborn customers pay his shop homage.
  • The Street of Silk runs from the Old Gate all the way to the Dragon Gate. Here lie most of the brothels in town, where men can pay call for… ermmm… company. From farther atop Visenya’s hill lies Chataya’s brothel, which is considered to be the fanciest and most grand brothel in town.
  • The Street of Flour wounds its way from the bottom of Rheanys’s hill to the top, built above Flea Bottom, using stilts and supports to balance on the narrow rise which goes around the hill. Here most of the city bakers bake their bread and store their grain, and many of the denziens pay calls on its many bakeries. The further up you go, the better the bakery will be.
  • Flea Bottom is the name of the slum area in King’s Landing.  A down-trodden area of town, many pot shops sell the notrious “Bowl o’ Brown”, which contains grain and vegetables true enough, but the meat is of uncertain origin. Its buildings lean over so much that they almost touch. It is said that you can’t see most of Flea Bottom, and to find the worst type of scum, you must look deep beneath the streets…
  • The Sprawl: Even outside the seven gates and the tall walls of King’s Landing, the city spreads on. Farmers, butchers, sheepherds and tanners live in smaller homes outside the city, providing food and other necessary materials to the collosal city. In this quaint contryside also lie the Tourney Grounds, where the great tourney for the King’s Hand had taken place.

Texture Pack: Dokucraft Light

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