Can you hide the gold well enough so the police can’t find it? GoldRush Map


After breaking into a bank, you realize the only way to keep the money is to hide it and lie low until the police leave! Can you stash the stolen bank gold well enough that the police won’t find it?


As a well-known criminal mastermind, you have led countless robberies and thieving trips to collect tons of booty from many well known banks in the area. This most recent planned robbery targets the Royal Bank located in the peaceful town of Aurium (city of gold). However, when you went to break in to the bank, the police were notified within seconds! You only have a limited amount of time to stash the gold in hidden places in the village and “leave town” before the police arrive! If the police collect all of the gold, they will have enough samples of your DNA to determine you are the robber! However, the police only have so much time before they are recalled to the station under a failed/aborted mission! Can you hide the gold well enough so the police don’t find it? I guess we will know soon enough!

GoldRush Map Screenshots:



Map Trailer:


The map has configurable settings in the lobby that allow you to change the amount of gold you can hide in a game, how long the police have to search, and the time of day. Please leave the values above 2, otherwise there can be some clashing of commands and sometimes things may bug a smidge…

WARNING! Only start to alter the settings once everyone who is playing the game has joined! Otherwise, glitching will occur. Also, try not to leave the game once it starts, as the game may glitch the time counters when you return! If the settings get messed up, there is a hard reset in the lobby to the left of the settings wall that can be used to fix the problems!

Recommended Settings:

These are just approxamations from my trials to see what works best.

  • 2 Players > 2-3 Gold > 4-5 Minutes
  • 3 Players > 4-5 Gold > 7-8 Minutes
  • 4 Players > 6-7 Gold > 9-10 Minutes
  • 5 Players > 8-10 Gold > 12-13 Minutes
  • 6+ Players > Another 2 gold per player and 2-3 minutes more!

These are of course just trial numbers! You can play with the settings as much as you want!

How to install GoldRush Map:

Download links for GoldRush Map:

For Minecraft 1.8

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