About Graveyard Defense 2 Map

A new wave of Zombies is coming. The continuation of the amazingly popular map Graveyard Defense, comes Graveyard Defense 2 Map!


There are 13 rounds. In the first 12 rounds, zombies of increasing difficulty will come out of graves. On the 13th round, all previous zombies will spawn, plus 1 extra difficult Super Zombie. If you pass all 13 rounds, you win. After every round you get 2 Currency, or credits. You can use these to buy upgrades in the shop. Throughout the game you can also trade in zombie drops for special items at the trading station. At the end of the game you can press new game to reset it. The game is 100% resettable.

Graveyard Defense 2 Map Screenshots:

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  • Don’t Break blocks.
  • Play on at least easy difficulty.
  • Don’t abuse bugs in the game.
  • Have fun.


  • Cannibal: Eat only Zombie Flesh
  • Simplistic: Use no upgrades.
  • Sniper: Use only bows and fists.
  • Insane: Use only fists.



  • Added rule/info book
  • Fixed Shop bug
  • Changed starting gm to adventure mode
  • Fixed enchanting room
  • Labeled villagers
  • Zombies will no longer be drawn towards trading villagers
  • Added/Changed villager trades
  • Fixed round 13 scoreboard

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