Prepare to delve into a rich and immersive experience with the GT New Horizons Modpack (1.7.10). Crafted over eight years of meticulous development, this expert-level modpack offers a breathtaking balance between the GregTech mod and a plethora of complementary mods. With a carefully curated questbook, unique world generation, and a seamless integration of diverse mods, this modpack promises to take your Minecraft journey to new heights. In summary, it is a testament to the power of balanced modpack design. With its intricate progression, diverse technologies, captivating exploration, and fusion of magic and technology, it encapsulates the essence of a single game experience. Whether you’re a fan of GregTech, a magic enthusiast, or a lover of exploration, this modpack invites you to embark on an expansive adventure through Minecraft’s ever-evolving universe. It’s a playground of innovation, creativity, and relentless progression, beckoning both newcomers and experienced players to take their journey to the next level.


  • Masterful Progression: At the heart of “GT New Horizons” lies a meticulously crafted progression system. From the Stone Age to the realms of electricity and interstellar exploration, this modpack guides you through tiers of technology, ensuring each step feels like a natural evolution rather than a compilation of unrelated mods.
  • GregTech Focused: GregTech takes center stage, weaving its intricate tech tree throughout the modpack. EU conversion and harmonious energy systems streamline the experience, enabling seamless integration of other mods into the overarching progression.
  • Diverse Technologies: The modpack weaves a web of interconnected mods, from complex processing lines to automation, power generation, and intricate material utilization. Players must explore a myriad of possibilities to craft, automate, and advance their tech arsenal.
  • Magical Enchantment: Magic enthusiasts will find solace in the custom Thauminomicon pages, linking Thaumcraft to other magical mods such as Blood Magic and Witchery. The Twilight Forest dimension becomes a realm of enchantment, while the fusion of magic and technology delivers unique power generation solutions.
  • Uncharted Exploration: The world comes alive with Realistic World Gen and Biomes o’Plenty, crafting a breathtaking landscape that beckons exploration. Uncover Rogue-like Dungeons, trade with villages, and unearth precious resources across dimensions, including planets and more.
  • Challenging Survival: “GT New Horizons” reintroduces the survival element by shrouding nights in hardcore darkness, incentivizing players to seek light sources. Spice of Life adds a twist to nutrition, while strong mobs demand strategic gameplay for survival.
  • Engaging Questing: Over 3000 quests guide your journey, eliminating the need for external tutorials. The questbook facilitates progression, even providing in-quest NEI recipes. Custom lootbags and a coin system offer rewarding surprises.
  • Thoughtful Crafting: Crafted for both newcomers to modded Minecraft and seasoned veterans, the modpack introduces newbies to the modded world through its questbook. Gated mods encourage learning and exploration while waiting for the next milestone.
  • Immersive Mining: Embrace the thrill of mining across dimensions, from the Twilight Forest to the nether, the end, and even other planets. Large localized veins in GregTech ensure rewarding mining expeditions.
  • Balanced Challenge: “GT New Horizons” embodies a blend of challenge and reward. Each mod’s content is carefully positioned in the progression, transforming the modpack into a cohesive game experience rather than a simple compilation.



Minecraft Forge


How to install:

Please visit the following link for full instructions: How To Download & Install Modpack

GT New Horizons Modpack (1.7.10) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.7.10

Forge Version: Download from Server 1

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