Halloween Expansion Addon (1.20) includes new decorations, foods, powers, weapons, hostile mobs, and bosses. The newest update includes a new character named Jack Skeleton who has a low appearance rate and trades simple bones for Halloween treats. The addon also adds new foods such as candy corn, pink candy, green candy, yellow candy, blue candy, purple candy, caramel syrup, caramelized apple, and blood. Each food item provides a different power-up for 30 seconds. For example, candy corn provides regeneration while pink candy provides strength.



First, we start with the foods that are in this Halloween addon:

These are the foods of the addon, candies, the famous candy corn, caramel syrup, caramelized apple, and blood:

  • Candy corn: give regeneration for 30 seconds
  • Pink candy: give strength for 30 seconds
  • Green candy: give night vision for 30 seconds
  • Yellow candy: give fire resistance for 30 seconds
  • Blue candy: give speed for 30 seconds
  • Purple candy: give invisibility for 30 seconds
  • And the blood is good….. but also dangerous!


Now the new weapons:

These are the new weapons of the addon, there is not much to say because most are from the enemies except, the one with corn candy that is crafted with a stick and 4 corn candies in a diagonal direction (gives regeneration while used)


These are the new types of mobs added by the addon:

We start with the skull creatures. These appear at night and some are stronger than others:

  • Gray: This is the one that appears the most and weakest
  • Purple: This one appears a little less and is stronger than the previous one
  • Red: This is the strongest of all and with the lowest spawn ratio

These are other creatures added by the addon:

  • Horror Clown: that blinds you
  • The mummy: that makes you weak
  • The vampire: who is the first boss of the addon and gives you mining fatigue
  • The scarecrow: that hurts you a lot


  • Demonic ghost: leaves you hungry
  • We continue with the mobs based on the most famous movies for Halloween:


  • The nun: who has a very fast teleportation power
  • Jason: That has a lot of life and a strong attack
  • The others are not bosses but they are also a real challenge and a way to improve the Minecraft experience for this Halloween
  • And finally, add new pumpkins as decoration for your world. They can be crafted with normal Minecraft pumpkin y candies:

  • Jack skeleton (he has a very low appearance rate) and it makes it much easier to get Halloween treats! Since he trades them for simple bones!

How to install:

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Halloween Expansion Addon (1.20) Download Links

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