Here is some informations about Halo Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7 Frostburn that you can need before download it

This mod currently adds three guns:

  • Shotgun (Single Fire)
  • Assault Rifle (Automatic)
  • Pistol (single Fire)
  • Energy Sword (Instant kills low durability
  • Combat Knife (Fairly high damage, average durability)
  • Changed Leather armour to spartan armour (To save ids and sprite indices)
  • Increased Leather’s Strength, durabilty ect.
  • Changed Armour Bar Gui
  • Changed Health Bar Gui
  • Changed Armour Sprites
  • Changed Armour On person



  • 1.Download Halo mod and Modloader
  • 2. Install Modloader ( Drag and drop the classes from into minecraft.jar
  • 3. Do the same with the Halo mod.
  • 4. Run minecraft!!

Download Links for Halo Mod 1.4.7

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