Handy Redstone Mod adds two useful redstone blocks to Minecraft: invertible solar sensors and mob type specific pressure plates.


Important notes:

  • This mod’s config file is .minecraft/config/handyredstoneconfig.cfg. Ignore the mod_HandyRedstone.cfg if one exists. ModLoader may or may not be creating that by default (though it’s empty).
  • You can set conserveIndices to true in the config file to force the mod to use the default solar sensor sprite for both sensor modes and default stone texture for all three modes of MTS pressure plates. No overrides will be made and 4 terrain indices will be conserved.






  • 1) Download the latest version of Handy Redstone
  • 2) Download and install Risugami’s Modloader
  • 3) Throw the HandyRedstone[version].zip you downloaded into your /mods/ directory. No need to decompress it or take any files out of it. If you don’t have a /mods/ directory, create one on the same level as /bin/, /saves/, etc.
  • 4) Run Minecraft and enjoy



  • Added type-specific pressure plates
  • Fixed bug where solar sensors were all linked (all shared the same on/off and normal/inverted state). All sensors are uniquely individual now.
  • Compatibility update for 1.3.2

Download Links for Handy Redstone Mod:



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