Harambe Map is a new PvP map. When a child falls into a gorilla’s zoo enclosure, the civilians must take action to save the child. You must try to defend the child from a distance until the ladders arrive for you to enter the enclosure. If the child dies, Harambe Wins and if Harambe dies, everyone else wins. The Zoo Enclosure map was build roughly based off of the real Harambe’s Enclosure.

Harambe Map Logo

This game uses custom 3D models for a revolver, Harambe and the kid. Please make sure you use the resource pack, and everyone on the server does, or else it will be much harder to play. Each round a random player is chosen to be Harambe and a random Player is chosen to be the child. The rest are the civilians. In order to play, you need at least 3 players who have readied up. This game also has an Anti-Break system in place so it will not break unless you tamper with the redstone or go into creative. Even if it does break, it will fix itself if everyone leaves and rejoins.

Harambe Map 1

Harambe Map 2

How to install:

Download Links for Harambe Map:

For Minecraft from 1.10.2

 Download from Server 2

Resource Pack for the Map

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