HearthCraft Server, an exceptional economy SMP, thrives on creating unforgettable experiences without the presence of a pay-to-win store (verify it yourself!)

Since its inception in October of 2018, we have honed our expertise in fostering a strong sense of community. Prepare to be captivated as we provide you with an exclusive sneak peek into the immersive world of HearthCraft. Our commitment to crafting the best experiences has stood the test of time, and we eagerly invite you to embark on an extraordinary journey like no other. Join us and witness the magic unfold in the realm of HearthCraft!

Server Information

Author: Si

Server name: HearthCraft

Server Location: United States

Minecraft Platform: Java

Supported Version: 1.20.1

Game types: Survival, MCMMO, Economy, SMP, PvE

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Server Features

  • Our server’s world has been in existence since July 2019 and will never undergo a reset.
  • We boast a perk system that strictly avoids any form of pay-to-win advantages.
  • Enjoy resource worlds that refresh on a monthly basis, alongside the convenience of Dynmap.
  • We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards hate speech, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive environment.
  • Discover the delight of our pet system, offering companionship and enjoyment.
  • Progress through our level-up system, which rewards playtime, utilizes McMMO, and integrates with the economy.
  • Secure your territory with our reliable land-claiming feature.
  • Engage with the extensive capabilities of mcMMO, enhancing your gameplay experience.
  • Experience an active and thriving economy with player shops, customizable player warps, exciting auctions, and more.
  • Unite in virtual matrimony through our marriage plugin.
  • Venture into the unknown with the /wild command, teleporting you to random destinations.
  • Compete for glory on our leaderboards, spanning a wide range of categories, from mining blocks and slaying mobs to consuming cake slices and measuring pig distance!

In-game Features


Survival/Semi-vanilla is a remarkable game mode that offers a genuine and authentic Minecraft experience in HearthCraft Server. Immerse yourself in a world where the essence of survival thrives, with minimal modifications to the vanilla gameplay. Journey through the untamed wilderness, gather resources, build impressive structures, and navigate the perils that await. With a focus on preserving the core elements of the game, this game mode delivers a true sense of adventure and exploration. Engage with a vibrant community, form alliances, and embark on thrilling quests as you carve your path in this captivating survival journey. Experience the essence of Minecraft in its purest form with Survival/Semi-vanilla.

  • Feature in Survival gamemode:
    • Leveling
    • Warps


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