Do you love Minecraft and marine life? Then you will love this huge aquarium that you can build in your Minecraft world. This aquarium is made of glass and wood and has a stunning view of the ocean. Inside the aquarium, you can see a variety of fish and sea creatures, such as dolphins, turtles, sharks, squids, and pufferfish. You can also admire the beautiful plants and decorations, such as seaweed, coral, anemones, and shipwrecks. This aquarium will make you feel like you are on an underwater adventure. And if you look up, you can see a tropical island with palm trees and a volcano behind the aquarium. This aquarium will make your Minecraft world more lively and fun.

1. Material

First of all, to start the construction process, let me point out the necessary materials to build this beautiful aquarium. You will need:

2. Outside construction process

  • The first step to building the outside of this huge aquarium is to build the foundation, you will need a large area of land, the best aquarium background is according to me, an oval size 20×10 as follows

  • After you have determined the outer border of the aquarium, build a wall of chisolded quartz blocks 3 blocks high on the edge of the aquarium you defined from above, the result is like this.

  • Then use the moss blocks to build the base of the aquarium. These moss blocks will be as tall as the wall you just built, and are completely inside the wall you just built, build like this

  • Around the outside of the aquarium you built with the chisolded quartz blocks just now, let’s build the glass for this swimming pool with glass blocks, 10 blocks high, the result will be like this:

  • Do the same steps as the first step so that we have the ceiling of this aquarium, with 2 layers of chisolded quartz blocks:

  • The next thing to do is to fill this giant aquarium with water. To quickly build a layer of TNT blocks 2 cells lower than the ceiling, then fill this layer of TNT blocks with water, then destroy these TNT blocks so that all the water in the ceiling runs down. aquarium. With this way you will quickly have a giant aquarium filled with water like this:

  • After we have filled the aquarium with water, we just need to build the ceiling by filling it with quartz slabs like this:

  • After you have built the structure of the aquarium, let’s decorate the outside of the aquarium together! Use bamboo to plant a little left and right and also in the middle. Then sprinkle them with bone meal to make them grow faster! Remember to put a string on the top of the trees so that they don’t grow any more, the height like mine is enough. Place some oak trapdoors in front of each tree to create beautiful layers. The space between the bamboos we will put smooth quartz steps to create the ladder:

3. Decoration inside the aquarium

  • First, use sand to build the terrain. Placing sand blocks on top of each other in an angle like this is nice, remember to do the same with the rest of the corners. Make the angles slightly different to create variety:

  • Then decorate by planting some sea pickles! If they don’t light up, pour a water bucket over them, they will light up on their own! Then plant some kelp on top, also use bone meal to make them grow fast. It will be nicer if you grow some elongated kelp like me. Use seaweed and bone meal to automatically create seagrasses. Results like this are stunningly beautiful:

  • Now let’s create a giant coral! Use Fire Coral block to create giant coral, use Brain Coral block as well, I’m setting it up in the form of the letter Y, you can be as creative as you want! The corals I’m decorating have 4 main colors: red, purple, yellow and blue, you can decorate them in the most creative way!

  • Then put some corals on top of the coral blocks, like this we’re almost done:

  • This is the scene when we look in from the outside, isn’t it beautiful:

4. Construction completed

The final step is to release the fish into the aquarium! You are free to release any kind of fish into this aquarium!!! Let’s take a look at our results!

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