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Iaven – Magic of Colors Map. From perfect world of balance of Meiva, to the lands of magic colors. Lone wanderer travels to Iaven to search there for the way to his lost home Theia.



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Iaven is a magic island where each season, be it winter, spring, summer or autumn, lasts no longer than week. Iaven can be divided into four main regions – Lena Delta, White Winter, Nedgeradak and Tonash.

Lena Delta

Iaven is constantly torn apart by unbelievably strong river called Lena. Lena river changes its shape almost every day, forming ridiculously complicated maze of small streams. This place is called Lena Delta or as some might call it The Water Maze. Western part of Lena Delta is more dry, Lena rarely reaches this part. Here for thousands of years stand Vimcia Rocks. These massive rocks were carried to Iaven by giants or dragons. Nobody knows the truth. Southwestern part of Lena Delta contains huge crater. Theories suggest, that one of the giants dropped his rock here, then he picked it up and carried it to the north.

White winter

White winter in autumn, sunny spring in winter, hot summer in spring, golden autumn in summer. This place haves many names and all of them perfectly describe it. In the heart of this place, on an island, there is a tree called Ethuil or The Tree of Next Season. In the autumn, this tree is covered by the snow. Four spirits live in the tree. One of them is called Grikad – spirit of Autumn, others are called Rhiv, Celu and Laer (winter, spring and summer respectively). They are the masters of all four seasons.


Maze of stones and bushes. Located in the south from Lena Delta, this place is extremely easy to get lost in. Eastern part of Nedgeradak is overgrown with giant bushes, forming a wild labyrinth, it’s called Miruvoris . Western part is similar to giant stone maze, people that went there and returned called it Ondren. Miruvoris and Onren are separated by strange rock formation simply called Snowy Terraces, because snow always lies there even in the summer.


Tonash is located in the eastern part of Iaven. This place is overgrown with forests, it also contains huge rocks that formed here naturally. Giants called these rocks Gondra. In the southern part of Tonash, you can discover hills very similar to hills in Meiva. That is why people called this place Winimus, to honor Meiva God Winimo.







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How to install:

[/spoiler] Adding magic to colors:
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  • Don’t expect to see autumn without any texture pack. Download files.
  • Follow steps below to enable custom colors of leaves in your texture pack:
  • 1. Go to “%appdata%/.minecraft/resourcepacks/”
  • 2. Go into your resource pack archive.
  • 3. Locate folder colormap, it is usually located in folder assets/minecraft/textures
  • 4. Copy foliage.png & grass.png images into the same folder in your texture pack

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