Ikuyuk’s Botanic Collection Texture Pack (1.19) inspiration by the beauty of nature’s flowers, specifically those found in gardens and the wild. With its inclusion of stunning flowers such as lavender, daffodils, and pansies, among others, this Texture pack aims to add more visually appealing decorative flowers to Minecraft, which currently lacks a variety of such blooms. Unless otherwise noted, Ikuyuk’s Botanic Collection changes the Minecraft poppy and a few other flowers into new or modified varieties. This pack is only for aesthetic and decorative purposes and is not functional. The Botanic Collection Flowers can be dyed, but the textured color of the flower that takes its place won’t be shown; just the original color will be presented.


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Ikuyuk’s Botanic Collection Texture Pack (1.19) Download Links

For Java/Bedrock 1.19

Botanic Collection Official Website

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