Incinerator Parkour Map is a fun, desert-themed parkour map with a medium difficulty level.
It combines a variety of parkour, including cactus, lava and even special blocks that have different effects as follows:

  • Gold Blocks are spawn points
  • Lapis Lazuli Blocks are finished
  • Redstone Blocks give you speed
  • Bone Blocks give you slowness
  • Magma Blocks kill you
  • Netherrack Blocks give you fire resistance
  • Purplur Blocks teleport you up 10 Blocks
  • And finally, Emerald Blocks give you jump boost

Another addition to the map is that it includes a Sumotori or in other words, a fighting arena for an end of the map battle with your friend(s).
The map works in singleplayer, but it is more exciting to play the map with 2-4 friends. However, you can play with more than 4.
The last thing, there is one hidden emerald in each level, try to find all 16! Have fun.

Incinerator Parkour Map 1

Incinerator Parkour Map 2

How to install:

Download Links for Incinerator Parkour Map

For Minecraft from 1.10.2

Download from Server 1

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