About Infinity Dungeon Map

The Infinity Dungeon Map is a randomly generated dungeon crawler made for single or multiplayer. Every spawner, every room and a lot of chests are randomly selected and placed into the world for you to explore and conquer. It is marked as a beta because it relies on the 1.8 snapshots to work, as such, there is bound to be a few bugs but all of which are due to the snapshots nature in being not a final release. If you open this map in 1.7 it will not work, nor will it continue to work after that point. It must be opened in the snapshot and kept in a snapshot environment.


Infinity Dungeon Map Screenshot:




Map Trailer:

Requirement: Snapshot 14w05b

Notes: There are a lot of command blocks in this map. Play at your own risk!

How to install:

Download links for Infinity Dungeon Map:



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