About Jump Realm Map

So you might think, just another parkour map. No, this is not ‘just a parkour map’. This is Jump Realm Map.

In this map, you’ll find parkour, puzzles and lots of adventure, which you can experience with a maximum of 4 people. Fighting, jumping, thinking, you’ll find all of this in Jump Realm.


Using SethBlings MCEdit filters, command blocks and much inspiration of Hypixels I managed to create an incredible adventure, including weapon and armour sets, very hard jumps, being killed with magic, quests being told in colored command block messages, and much, much more. Can you save the Realm of Jumping?

Jump Realm Map Screenshots:

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Jump Realm need to use settings:

  • 1. Use at least Easy, never peaceful.
  • 2. Recommend using a home-server, it’ll run better.
  • 3. Do not break anything.
  • 4. Use common sense
  • 5. Use the given Texture Pack, otherwise everything looks like poop.
  • 6. It’s more fun when you play with your friends

Texture Pack: A’therys Ascended Texture Pack

Download links for Jump Realm Map:


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