If you are not yet acquainted with KriptonPVP, Server allow me to introduce you to an exceptional Minecraft Network where quality is our utmost priority right from the moment you connect.

Our dedicated team of staff members diligently strive to swiftly resolve any issues that may arise, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. Moreover, we constantly implement enhancements and upgrades to the Network, aiming to elevate the gaming experience with each passing day. One of our key strengths lies in our friendly and approachable staff, who foster a close-knit relationship with our valued users. Your satisfaction and enjoyment are our top concerns.

We channel the generous donations we receive each month towards creating lag-free servers that are accessible 24/7, crafting our very own plugins, implementing state-of-the-art anti-DDoS protection and anti-hack measures, as well as maintaining comprehensive backup systems. The dedication we pour into these endeavors is evident, as we continuously strive to provide an exceptional server environment.

It is our earnest hope that you will join us on this exciting adventure. We have invested a tremendous amount of effort to shape the server into what it is today, and we are confident that your presence will only add to the enjoyment and fun that awaits. Together, let us embark on a remarkable journey through the immersive world of KriptonPVP.

Server Information

Author:  KriptonPvP Team

Server name: KriptonPVP

Server Location: Spain

Minecraft Platform: Java, MCPE, Bedrock

Supported Version: 1.20.1

Game types: Survival, Creative, Skyblock, Prison, Towny, Bedrock, PvP, Parkour, Economy, PvE

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The Towny Survival mode in KriptonPvP is a unique take on traditional survival gameplay that adds a social aspect. It empowers players to work together and form towns, creating tight-knit communities within the wild world of Minecraft. From establishing your own town, setting laws, to creating a vast kingdom, this game mode is all about cooperation, economy, politics, and, most importantly, survival.

  • Features in Creative gamemode:
    • Town Creation: Start your own town, invite residents, build houses, markets, farms, and more
    • Laws & Roles: Set laws for your town, assign roles and ranks to residents.
    • Economy: Manage the town’s economy, trade with other towns and develop wealth.
    • Wars & Diplomacy: Form alliances with other towns, declare wars, or live in peace.
    • Protected Areas: Protect your town from griefing and outsider intrusion.
    • Taxes: As a mayor, set taxes for your residents to fund town improvements.
    • Nation Building: Band together with other towns to form a powerful nation.


Unleash your imagination in the Creative game mode on the KriptonPvP server. Here, players have unlimited resources at their disposal to build anything they can dream up. From grand castles and pixel art to intricate redstone machines and sprawling cities, the possibilities are truly endless.

  • Features in Creative gamemode:
    • Unlimited Resources: Build freely with access to all Minecraft blocks and items.
    • Plot System: Claim your own plot of land to build on and show off your creations.
    • WorldEdit: Use powerful building tools to create complex structures easily.
    • Share Your Work: Invite others to visit your plots and admire your creativity.


Skyblock on the KriptonPvP server takes survival to new heights. Spawn on a tiny island in an infinite expanse of sky with limited resources and a single tree. Your challenge is to survive and expand your island without falling into the void. It’s survival on a razor’s edge, where careful planning and resource management is key.

  • Features in Skyblock gamemode:
    • Island Leveling: Grow and expand your island to increase its level.
    • Challenges: Complete unique and rewarding tasks for bonuses.
    • Economy: Trade items with other islands to get what you need.
    • Cooperative Play: Invite your friends to join your island and work together.


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