Mambanator invites you to a thrilling and realistic game of Laser Tag for up to 8 players. In Laser Tag: Capture The Blocks Map, two teams (Red & Green) must utilize teamwork and fight to collect 4 enchanted wool blocks from the center of the arena and protect them at their base from the enemy team.


The team that collects all four, wins the game. Ensure that your server is in Adventure Mode. Ensure that command blocks are enabled in your server.

Laser Tag: Capture The Blocks Map Features:

  • Featuring a low-lit, maze-like arena with flashing lights, sneaky corners, and 2 overlooking sniper towers in each teams base.
  • Bows re-textured into laser guns with real laser sound.
  • Automatic team sorting system.
  • Self resetting game for infinite replay value.

Map Screenshots:


How to install:

Download links for Laser Tag: Capture The Blocks Map:

For Minecraft 1.8.9

Download from Server 1

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