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Developers release new Minecraft updates every week. You can follow the release of new versions in this article. Scroll down below and download the latest version of Minecraft for Android for free. In our files, you can sign in to Xbox Live and use the free skin editor. Be sure that your phone is safe, and every file is checked for viruses. New versions of the game appear here within an hour.

Latest version of Minecraft PE

Minecraft Pocket Edition Free 1.19.20

Lastest version of TLauncher

TLauncher Bedrock Edition (1.19.20, 1.18.32)

Latest version of XRay with Outline

X-Ray Texture Pack (1.19, 1.18)

Latest versions of Block – Geo Fixer Addon

Block – Geo Fixer Addon (1.19, 1.18)

Latest version of ToolBox

ToolBox 5.4.33 for MCPE/Bedrock Edition

Latest version of BlockLauncher

  BlockLauncher 1.27 for MCPE/Bedrock Edition

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