It currently contains features such as block creation, item/tool creation, recipes, furnace recipes, and simple mob creation


General Features

  • Save and open work-in-progress mod project files.
  • Edit and delete mod elements easily.
  • Automatically generate and compile your mod without using Minecraft Coder Pack.
  • Add blocks and items to creative mode lists.

Block Features

  • Add light-emitting blocks.
  • Change preset block materials (not all tested).
  • Change block breaking speed (hardness) and explosion resistance.
  • Generate blocks naturally and change rarity, vein size, and max height.
  • Add custom textures to block.
  • Make blocks act as fuel for furnaces.
  • Change block drop type and amount.
  • Change sound block makes when walked on or broken.
  • Generate Blocks in nether.

Item Features

  • Add custom image textures to item.
  • Add food items.
  • Make items act as fuel for furnaces.
  • Create tools with preset types (pickaxe, axe, shovel, sword, hoe).
  • Create custom tool materials.
  • Change max stack-size.

Recipe Features

  • Change recipe contents and output with in-game items and blocks/custom items and blocks in your mod.
  • Create optional shapeless recipes (item order does not matter).
  • Change amount of output items created by recipes.

Furnace Recipe Features

  • Create custom furnace recipes with input and output items.
  • Change amount of output items created by furnace recipe.

Mob Features

  • Add mobs with different creature types (passive, aggressive, water).
  • *Change custom preset mob model (Biped, Blaze, Chicken, Cow, Creeper, Enderman, IronGolem, MagmaCube, Ocelot, Pig, Sheep, Silverfish, Skeleton, Snowman, Spider, Squid, Wolf, Zombie).
  • Change spawn-ability of mobs.
  • Change mob speed.
  • Change max mob health.
  • Add custom texture to mob (accepts misshapen images; will repeat).
  • Change type of item mob will drop.
  • Change whether or not the mob can despawn.

Structure Features

  • Make naturally generated structures from MCEdit .schematic files.
  • Change rarity and maximum height.
  • Generate on surface.
  • Generate in nether.
  • Include air in generation.

Biome Features

  • Change water/grass color.
  • Change minimum/maximum generation height.
  • Set top and filler block (has limitations).
  • Allow custom mob and structure spawns.


  • Make custom events happen during actions.
  • Many actions and events.


All screenshots taken in version 0.06.

The main GUI.

The “New Block” Window.

The “New Item” Window.

The “New Recipe” Window

The “New Furnace Recipe” Window

The “New Mob” Window

The “New Tool Material” Window

The “New Structure” Window


  • To install Linkseyi’s ModMaker, download the zip file hosted on this forum thread, and extract it to a permanent location.  To run the program, open Linksyi’s ModMaker Beta.exe.

Generating and Installing Mods:

Once you have created your mod to your specifications, you can generate necessary files by clicking the “Generate” button beneath the elements list.  If all goes well, the program should write java files, and then compile them.  It will automatically open the folder you have saved your mod to, in a sub-folder titled “minecraftdotjar”.  In this folder you should see another folder called “linkseyi” (this is where texture files are stored), a .class file that starts with “mod_*” along with multiple other files that are based off the contents of your mod.

To install your mod:

  • Open User\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin\minecraft.jar in an archiver (Recommend 7-zip)
  • Copy all of the contents of your \minecraftdotjar to your open minecraft.jar file
  • Within your minecraft.jar file, delete the folder \META-INF
  • Install ModLoader to your Minecraft installation




  • Mobs no longer rely on the same renderer.
  • Blocks can now drop custom items.

For Minecraft 1.6.2

For Minecraft 1.5.2

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