Liquid Energy is an addon to some of the most famous mods IndustrialCraft² and BuildCraft. Our scientists have been working on this for over a year now, and they finally made it. Liquid Energy! Now you can save it in Tanks aswell, no need for all the machines anymore. Simply get the Liquid Energy Liquid Producer and you’re ready to go. Want to convert it backwards? No problem. Our scientists even worked on that method. Simply rightclick it whilst sneaking and the Liquid Producer will change it’s mode to the Power Producer. This trick also works vice-versa, keep that in mind.


If you have BuildCraft installed, but not IndustrialCraft², you have to use this blueprint

There is also a blueprint for the situation, that IndustrialCraft² been installed, but BuildCraft isn’t



Beta 5

  • Requires Tesla Coil instead of Lapotron in the IC Recipes now (makes more sense though)

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