Lunar Festival Hunt Map (1.19.3, 1.18.2) is a finding map created by Potassiumola. Ready for a scavenger during the Lunar Festival? Compete with friends or play by yourself and see how many items you can find. Your objective is to find as many of the 54 items as you can. Everything will be hidden in red shulker boxes around the map inside the walls of the park. The first person to the barrel gets the enchanted item in the middle which is worth double. Good luck!


Scavenger Hunt Rules:

1. You are only allowed to take 1 of every item on the list.
2. Make sure to close doors, turn off levers and stuff when you are done with them.
3. Don’t take any items from item frames, books from lecterns or mess with entities.
4. Do not use item’s you find from the list.

Here is the list of items that you need to find:

1. Brown Dye
2. Red Dye
3. Orange Dye
4. Yellow Dye
5. Lime Dye
6. Green Dye
7. Cyan Dye
8. Light Blue Dye
9. Blue Dye
10. Purple Dye
11. Magenta Dye
12. Pink Dye
13. White Dye
14. Light Grey Dye
15. Grey Dye
16. Black Dye
17. Gold Block
18. Cut Copper
19. Lily of the Valley
20. Magma Cream
21. Shroomlight
22. White Stained Glass
23. Gravel
24. Prismarine Slab
25. Nether Brick
26. Birch Sapling
27. Deepslate Tiles
28. Orange Concrete
29. Smooth Red Sandstone
30. Birch Wood
31. Diamond
32. Redstone Torch
33. Scaffolding
34. Red Terracotta
35. Red Wool
36. Dragon’s Breath
37. Snow Block
38. Feather
39. Gold Ingot
40. Chest
41. Pink Wool
42. Jungle Sapling
43. Pink Carpet
44. Lantern
45. Gilded Blackstone
46. Crying Obsidian
47. Mossy Cobblestone
48. Wheat
49. Deepslate Tile Stairs
50. Moss Carpet
51. Barrier
52. Magma Block
53. Red Concrete
54. Player Head

How to install:

Lunar Festival Hunt Map (1.19.3, 1.18.2) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.19.3, 1.19.2

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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