This is a new API the “Aether II” mod. Although this was originally intended as a method to implement Aether main menu into the game without editing base classes, it quickly turned into a project of its own to allow other mods to have their own Main Menu.


  • Allows other mods to create their own Main Menu without editing any base classes.
  • Allows modders to maintain compatibility with other mods while also having their own unique Main Menu.
  • Gives the user the freedom to manage and choose which Main Menu they want for their game, without any hassles of choosing a “Final” option.
  • Has an in-built Jukebox system with a music player. This allows users to play whichever song they like, even their own custom songs!
  • Modders can choose a specific menu theme song to use for their Main Menu.
  • Edits no base classes!

The best thing about this API is that it edits no base classes whatsoever, but it does require the Forge API in order to use it.

How it works:

  • The screen shown above launches the first time the user starts the game with the API installed.
  • When a Main Menu is chosen, the choice is saved to a properties file, which on next start up would automatically launch the mod into that chosen Main Menu.
  • All Main Menus created with this API has a mandatory “Menu List” button (which cannot be overridden) that the user can click on to go back to the above screen and choose a different menu.
  • The “Menu List” button has configurable positioning for Main Menu creators.
  • Each menu also has the option to enable a Jukebox button, to easily play music.



  • In order to install this API, first install Minecraft Forge into your Minecraft game
  • Once Forge is installed, installing the API is as simple as going into your .minecraft/mods/ folder, and dragging and dropping the MainMenuAPI zip file you downloaded into it.
  • Start up your game and you should be greeted with a menu list!



  • Fixed a crash that occurred in the menu when your sound was turned off. Crucial update.

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