Make It Break It 4 Map! It’s bad! It’s broken! It’s back!!! MIBI IV! …was this a good idea? I mean, how many people are actually waiting for a new map? …oh, what? Everyone? Oh. Guess what? This is the hardest yet!

Get ready for:

  • 11 levels with new themes and techniques!
  • A system, however not perfect, to keep you from cheating!
  • Mind-breaking puzzles! You won’t beat it!
  • Everything you hoped it didn’t exist!

Make It Break It 4 Map 1


  • The spawn is well set, don’t think there is a bug.
  • Everything is tested, possible and annoying.
  • Don’t get tricked. Think in different directions.
  • Added for improvement: a spawn (or something like that)
  • A real ending
  • A future hint 1, 2, 3, 4, who’s ready for more?

Make It Break It 4 Map 2

Make It Break It 4 Map 3

How to install:

Download Links for Make It Break It 4 Map

For Minecraft from 1.10.2

Download from Server 1

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