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Minecraft Mangrove Swamp Seeds for Java Edition (PC/Mac)

Use one of these Minecraft Mangrove Swamp seeds to create a world where you spawn in a Mangrove Swamp biome in Java Edition 1.19.

In Minecraft, the Mangrove Swamp is a biome in the Overworld that was introduced in the Wild Update. It is muddy and murky, and located in warmer, more humid places where you’d normally find the Swamp biome. The floor of the Mangrove Swamp biome is coated with a thick layer of mud. You can also find lots of warm frogs hopping around which are light gray in color.

Here are some Mangrove Swamp seeds for Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac):

Mangrove Swamp Seeds for Minecraft Java Edition 1.19

Mangrove Swamp Seed #1

Seed: 219

This Minecraft seed spawns you in a Savanna biome with acacia trees to chop down. There are also lots of animals such as sheep, cows, and pigs.

If you travel North across the River, you will find a Mangrove Swamp biome filled with Warm Frogs. Just past the Mangrove Swamp is a traditional Swamp biome where you can find Slimes if you wait until night.

Mangrove Swamp Seed #2

Seed: 191

This Minecraft seed spawns you in a Mangrove Swamp biome on top of some Mangrove trees. Be ready to wear your boots as you trudge through the mud looking for Warm Frogs.

If you travel to the South, you can find a Savanna biome with a village at coordinates (-119,70,242). In the village, there is an iron golem, cows, and a few stray cats wandering around.

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