Maniacheto’s Elemental Mod is bassed on Elementals(Lava,Ice,Earth,Dark-Shadow)

This mod adds:


  • Lava Armor
  • Ice Armor
  • Earth Armor
  • Dark Armor


  • Lava Sword
  • Ice Sword
  • Earth Sword
  • Dark Sword
  • Unusual Sword


  • LavaGem Ore
  • IceGem Ore
  • EarthGem Ore
  • DarkGem Ore

4.Solid Blocks:

  • LavaGem Solid Block
  • IceGem Solid Block
  • EarthGem Solid Block
  • DarkGem Solid Block


  • Elemental Donut


  • Red Essence
  • Blue Essence
  • Brown Essence
  • Black Essence
  • Unusual Essence


  • Elemental Wand
  • Elemental Wand-Fire
  • Elemental Wand-Water

8.Elemental Stick:

  • Elemental Stick

9.Gems(Drops from Ores)

  • Lava Gem
  • Ice Gem
  • Earth Gem
  • Dark Gem

9.Potions(All have same crafting Recipe as /LavaPotion/)

  • Lava Potion(Fire Resistance)
  • Ice Potion(Water Breathing)
  • Earth Potion(Movement Speed)
  • Dark Potion(Night Vision)


-Lava,Ice,Earth,Dark Helmets:
Elemental Mod

-Lava,Ice,Earth,Dark ChestPlates:
Elemental Mod

-Lava,Ice,Earth,Dark Leggins:
Elemental Mod

-Lava,Ice,Earth,Dark Boots:
Elemental Mod

-Elemental Stick
Elemental Mod

-Lava,Ice,Earth,Dark Sword:
Elemental Mod

-Lava,Ice,Earth,Dark Solid Block:
Elemental Mod

-Elemental Wand:
Elemental Mod

-Elemental Wand-Fire:
Elemental Mod

-Elemental Wand-Water:
Elemental Mod

-Red,Black,Blue,Brown Essences:
Elemental Mod

-Unusual Essence:
Elemental Mod

-Unusual Sword:
Elemental Mod

-Lava Potion:
Elemental Mod

-Elemental Donut:
Elemental Mod

Elemental Mod


  • This mod Alot of stuff including 3 Wands.The Original Wand Control the Weather.
  • The Fire Wand create and spread Fire and The Water Wand create water.
  • Elemental Donuts are the Food in This Mod.
  • The Most Powerful Weapon is Unusual Sword crafted with Unusual Essences

And Added Cool New Biome

And Added Cool New Biome(Zero Zone)


  • Install Modloader
  • Delete Meta-INF
  • Open the .zip/.rar/folder of your mod and drag and drop the contents into the minecraft.jar.

Download Links for Maniacheto’s Elemental Mod:

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