Welcome to MCLabs Server, a unique Minecraft server where you can choose to be a Chemist or a Cop.

As a Chemist, you grow crops to turn them into illegal chems and compounds to sell. As a Cop, you try to arrest chemists and take the chems for themselves. Use money from selling chems to rank up, earning new perks and abilities to build your chem empire towards Chem Lord status, or to ascend the police ranks towards Operator status.

MCLabs, previously recognized as MCDrugs/MC-Drugs, has been thriving for more than a decade, showcasing an exceptional array of mechanics that are unparalleled in any other server. Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey through the realms of ingenuity and innovation. In addition to the captivating Chems gamemode, MCLabs extends its offerings to include the boundless realms of Creative, KitPvP, Parkour, and an unparalleled PvE adventure known as The Pit. Brace yourself for a truly extraordinary experience that will leave you in awe.

Server Information

Author: Spalw, Dakotaa

Server name: MCLabs

Server Location: Canada

Minecraft Platform: Java

Supported Version: 1.20

Game types: Survival, Skyblock, Prison, Factions, Parkour, PvP, Creative, MCMMO, Mini Games, Economy

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Server Features

Some mechanics and features of vanilla Minecraft are disabled or altered on MCLabs:

  • Pistons and hoppers are not craftable. They must be purchased from /shop or from other players.
  • Shulker boxes are completely disabled.
  • Bonemeal cannot be used in dispensers.
  • Villagers cannot be spawned or cured.
  • Illager raids are disabled.
  • Nether portals are disabled (access the Nether with /warp nether)
  • Withers cannot be spawned (Exchange 3 wither skulls for a nether star with /convert)
  • Wet sponges can be used to soak up lava, turning them into dry sponges.

In-game Features

Making Money

Generating income on MCLabs goes beyond selling chems; there are numerous other avenues available. Here are a few outlined below, but you can find more detailed information on the Economy Page.

  • Voting: Voting stands as the simplest method to earn money on MCLabs. You can vote for the server daily by using the command /vote. Voting not only grants you money but also rewards such as Vote Tokens, Voter Crate Keys, Creeper Eggs, and more! Vote Tokens serve as a form of currency that can be utilized in the /vshop. Additionally, the top five voters each week and month receive substantial cash rewards. Make sure to vote daily to enhance your chances of becoming a top voter. There are also rewards for achieving voting milestones, which provide even more money and cosmetic chat tags. You can explore all the voting rewards by using /vrewards.
  • Jobs: Engaging in jobs offers an excellent opportunity to earn passive income. Whether it’s mining, exploring, woodcutting, or fishing, you can make money while partaking in various activities.
  • Fishing: Fishing provides a peaceful and relaxing escape from the world of chems while also proving to be a profitable venture. You can sell your catch to Chuck in Fisher’s Cove (/warp cove). Additionally, crafting fish into sushi allows for even higher returns when sold at /warp sushi.
  • Fishing also offers rewards, including randomly enchanted items and fishing crates.
  • Parkour: Complete parkour courses in the Parkour world to earn money. Access the Parkour world by using the command /parkour. The rewards refresh daily, allowing you to continue completing courses for monetary gains.


The entire server economy is based on selling chems. Chems can be acquired by either growing them (most Minecraft plants and crops that can be grown can be sold as chems), or by becoming a police officer and selling confiscated chems. let’s find out server’s features below:


  • Growing Chems
    • “Chems” are just regular Minecraft crops that you can grow and harvest just like in vanilla Minecraft. This includes wheat, carrots, pumpkins, mushrooms, chorus fruit, etc.
    • To start producing chems, just farm and harvest crops. You can get a set of the seeds for each chem with /kit seeds.
    • Where you build your farm matters, as crop growth speeds are different in each world, with the Faction world providing increased growing speeds.
  • Selling Chems
    • Selling chems is the main method of making money on MCLabs.
    • But watch out – police patrol spawn and will try to frisk you and take your chems. Police wear distinctive dark blue armour, and you should avoid them if you have chems in your inventory.
  • Running
    • If you don’t have any chems to sell, but still want to make some money by selling chems, you can run chems for other players


  • The police uniform is a distinct dark blue colour
  • Police are a core mechanic of MCLabs. They roam the spawn world, searching for players who have chems.
  • If they have chems, the police officer gets the chems and the player goes to jail
  • They may also be in SWAT mode, which has them wearing a black leather hat and their armor being enchanted for PVP

Town World

The Town World caters to new players and those seeking a more relaxed gaming experience. It provides a safe haven where raiding, griefing, and PvP activities are strictly prohibited, allowing players to focus on building towns and cultivating farms without the fear of destruction.

Certain limitations exist within the Town World. Storage of items in chests and containers is not allowed, and the use of chunk hoppers is restricted. Additionally, automatic farms are not permitted in the Towny system.

  • Features in town world:
    • No raiding
    • No PvP
    • No auto farming
    • Shop
    • McMMO
    • Buying plots
    • Outposts
    • Hierarchy

Lab Wars

Lab Wars presents a cooperative and team-oriented event where each player on the server is randomly enlisted into one of four laboratories. Engaging in various activities on the server, such as selling, producing, and supplying chems, apprehending players, fishing, slaying mobs in The Pit, participating in events, and making lab investments, allows players to generate revenue for their respective labs. The accumulated earnings are meticulously tracked, and the outstanding performers and labs can be observed on the Lab Wars leaderboard by using the command /lw.

  • Features in Lab Wars:

    • Lab Elimination
    • Lab Revenue, Dividens, and Investments
    • Chem bounties and Lab selling boosts
    • Events and revenue boosts days
    • Daily shop and revenue milestones
    • Draft Auction


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