Metal Mechanics brings the power of Universal Electricity to the world of Metallurgy!

Basic Electrical Machinery:

  • Crusher – Grinds ores into dusts which can then be smelted, doing this will double how many ingots you get from those ores that you mined!
  • Extractor – Extractors various items such as; Plants, providing more Dyes than the normal method or Bitumen (from Metallurgy Utility Ores) providing more Tar than the furnace.
  • Compressor – Clamps items into finer forms such as 1 Cobblestone to 2 Stone Bricks or 1 Tar into 2 Wire Insulation (Electric Expansion).
  • Sawmill – Finely slices wood with little waste. For example, this machine can slice 1 log into 6 planks yielding 2 additional planks compared to using the rafting area.

Advanced Modular Machinery:

  • Coming Soon! See below for the planned features list.

Alternative Crafting Recipes:

  • Advanced Metallurgy Alloy Recipes – Using Metallurgy Utility Ores items and some of the new metals provided by this mod, a higher amount of Alloy Metals can be produced from less base metals.
    For example, 2 Steel Dust is normally crafted by mixing 1 Iron Dust and 1 Manganese Dust. With Metal Mechanics, 4 Steel Dust can be crafted by mixing 1 Iron Dust, 1 Manganese Dust and 1 Bitumen! You can then add Tungsten Dust to the mix for 6
    Steel Dust.
    Osmuim Dust from Mekanism can also be crafted using Metallurgy Platinum Dust and Sulfur!
  • Upgrade Metallurgy Machines – Metallurgy Furnaces and Crushers now be used as parts when crafting Electric Furnaces (from Basic Components) or Electric Crushers (from this mod).
  • Recipes for Electric Expansion, Mekanism, Fluid Mechanics and more!can craft – I recommend the use of the Not Enough Items mod in order to view all the recipes added by this mod. Items like Wire Insulation are a lot easier to produce (6 Tar = 1 Insulation or by Compressed into 12 Insulation)!

New Metallurgy Ores:

  • This mod adds a few new ores for use in a few recipes and to allow Metallurgy to provide these ores to other mods that use them.
  • Lead Ore – Used in various machine recipes, Lead Dust can also be used to boost the Bronze Dust recipe along with Sulphur.
    A Lead Furnace and Crusher can be made with Lead Ingots, it is faster than a Bronze Furnace but uses a lot more coal.
  • Aluminium Ore – Used in some machine recipes, Electric Expansion wires and Mekanism Enriched Alloys (mix with Potash).
    An Aluminium Furnace and Crusher can be made with Aluminium Ingots and a Lead/Bronze Furnace/Crusher, ranking the same as a Iron Furnace, being faster but more fuel hungry.
  • Titanium Ore – Used in some recipes, mainly provided for other mods to use.
    A Titanium Furnace/Crusher can be made from Titanium Ingots and an Aluminium/Iron Furnace/Crusher, ranking the same as a Steel Furnace, this can then be upgraded to an Electric Furnace (from Basic Components).
  • Tungsten Ore – Again, mainly for other mods, Tungsten Dust also boosts the Steel Dust recipe along with Bitumen.


The Electric Sawmill, Crusher, Extractor and Compressor

The Electric Crusher with the Lead, Aluminium and Titanium Furnaces and Crushers

Lead, Aluminium, Tungsten and Titanium

Required Mods:

  • Minecraft Forge (Server and Client)
  • Metallurgy 3
  • Universal Electricity (Basic Components)
    Metal Mechanics will now work without Basic Components, however it is recommended as Circuits, Wires, Motors, etc are needed to be able to craft and use machines.


  • Download and install Required Mods above
  • Drag and drop jar files into “Minecraft.jar”

For Minecraft 1.5.2

Metal Mechanics

Metallurgy 3

For Minecraft 1.5.1

Metal Mechanics:

Metallurgy 3:

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