Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 1 is here. A new Fabulous graphical option, more data pack support and big changes to neutral mobs including new gamerules.

Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 1


  • Added new “Fabulous” graphics option – uses per-pixel blending layers for some transparent elements.
  • You can now milk Cows and Mooshrooms in creative mode.
  • You can now get stew from Mooshrooms in creative mode.
  • When you use an empty bucket on water in creative mode, you now get a bucket of water. If you have a bucket of water in your inventory already, no additional water buckets will be added when you use your empty bucket on water.
  • When any villager is struck by lightning, the witch it is converted to will no longer despawn.
  • Added gamerule universalAnger (disabled by default), which makes angered neutral mobs attack any nearby player, not just the player that angered them. Works best if you disable forgiveDeadPlayers.
  • Added gamerule forgiveDeadPlayers (enabled by default), which makes angered neutral mobs stop being angry when the targeted player dies nearby.
  • Zombified piglins no longer attack innocent bystanders (unless you enable gamerule universalAnger).
  • Zombified piglins stop being angry if the targeted player dies nearby (unless you disable gamerule forgiveDeadPlayers).
  • Smithing recipes can now be added or changed through data packs.
  • Game will now detect critical datapack issues, like missing required tags and prevent world from being loaded.

Data pack selection:

  • Data packs can now be selected before world is created.
  • “Copy world” option will also copy data packs present in source world.

Pack selection screen:

  • Packs can now be dropped directly on data and resource pack selection screens.
  • Dropped files and directories will be copied to appropriate places.


Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 1 Screenshots 1

Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 1 Screenshots 2

Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 1 Screenshots 3

Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 1 Screenshots 4

Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 1 Screenshots 5

Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 1 Screenshots 6

How to install:

  • To install the pre-release, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the “Launch Options” tab.
  • Pre-releases can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 1 Download Links

Client: Download from Server 1

Server: Download from Server 1

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