Update: We have released 1.8.1-pre3 to fix even more issues:

  • Slow (Choppy) Rotating Beacon Block
  • Experience Orbs invisible for one second right after spawning
  • Withers trapped in a barrier box attacks barriers, killing it
  • Animals don’t teleport to Player when target is air block
  • /help for /worldborder not updated.
  • Bedrock at Y0 has wood log in it at x0 y0 z0.
  • Lightning gives AI to Witches and Zombie Pigman that were originally Pigs and Villagers that had NoAI set to 1
  • Tab list headers and footers stay even when rejoining a diferent server
  • When using /stop server executes the shutdown sequence twice (and hangs if players are online)
  • Entity’s Lose Scoreboard Scores when in unloaded Chunk

Download Links

Client: Download from Server 1

Server (Jar): Download from Server 1

Server (Exe): Download from Server 1


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