When playing Minecraft, taming animals can provide a sense of accomplishment and adorable companions. In this article, 9Minecraft will explore the five most useful animals in the game and how to tame them.

In addition to mining and crafting, Minecraft offers players plenty of opportunities to explore its vast and diverse world, where they encounter cute (or sometimes scary) creatures. While hostile mobs are a source of experience points and resources, peaceful animals like horses, cats, dogs, and more serve as invaluable allies for players. In this article, 9Minecraft wants to share with you the five most worthwhile animals to tame and how to go about it.

Taming these creatures is not always a simple task. Typically, players need the right items and a bit of luck to gain the trust of these animals. Some of these animals can be quite rare and are found only in specific biomes. The methods for taming Minecraft animals work across various versions of the game, from PC to mobile.

1. Axolotl

One of the cutest predators in the world, the Axolotl (Mexican walking fish) was added to the game by Mojang to raise awareness about this nearly extinct creature (they also appear in Genshin Impact but are currently useless). In the current Minecraft 1.18 update, Axolotls can be found in the dark waters of the Lush Caves beneath the ground.

Axolotls are predator creatures that attack any underwater mob except dolphins. When tamed, they become valuable allies in fighting against the hostile mobs inside Ocean Monuments. You can’t truly tame Axolotls, but you can scoop them up into water buckets and carry them with you, releasing them when needed. Be careful when encountering glow squids, as Axolotls can take damage when attacking these poisonous creatures.

2. Skeleton Horse

Unlike regular horses, skeleton horses are extremely rare and have a cool appearance, adding a touch of “coolness” to a player’s inventory. Obtaining these creatures is a risky venture, as they only appear during thunderstorms and are usually ridden by skeleton riders. To tame a skeleton horse, you must first eliminate the skeleton riders.

Once their previous rider has been dealt with, right-click the skeleton horse with an empty hand and jump on its back repeatedly until small hearts appear over its head. Besides serving as a practical means of transportation while waiting to find Elytra wings, skeleton horses are some of the coolest trophies you can have in your collection.

3. Llama

In the early stages of the game, llamas are quite useful. They can carry a large number of items, making them valuable for long resource-gathering trips. To tame a llama, carefully approach one in savannas or mountainous regions and right-click it with an empty hand. Continue riding the llama until it stops spitting and small heart icons appear, indicating successful taming.

Llamas may lose their utility once you amass many Shulker Boxes, but at that point, you can use them as decoration, as they have colourful carpets on their backs.

4. Wolf

Humans have domesticated wild wolves into loyal dogs over thousands of years. In Minecraft, you can achieve this in just a few minutes. Dogs are common and easy to tame, making them incredibly useful companions. You can find wolves roaming in most forest biomes, though snowy biomes have a higher chance of wolf spawns.

To tame a wolf, you’ll need bones from defeating hostile mobs with bows. While you can feed wolves raw meat, it won’t tame them. To tame a wolf in Minecraft, hold a bone in your hand and right-click the wolf. Each bone has a 33% chance of taming the animal. When you see small hearts appear over the wolf’s head, you’ve succeeded.

A pack of dogs can follow you and assist in defending against hostile mobs. Keep an eye on their tails: a lowered tail indicates low health, and you’ll need to feed them meat to heal. Wolves and dogs are immune to poison, so you can feed them rotten flesh dropped by zombies, although it might not be the most pleasant way to treat these loyal companions!

5. Cat

Cats are extremely useful in Minecraft, especially for keeping annoying creepers away from important locations like outdoor wheat fields, resource storage rooms, or painstakingly built structures. Most Minecraft players have fallen victim to creepers at some point and know the importance of cats.

There are two methods to obtain cats in Minecraft. The first method involves bringing raw fish into a forest to locate Ocelots. When you find one, hold the fish and approach it slowly (hold the Shift key on PC). If done correctly, the Ocelot will approach you, and you can feed it. When hearts appear, it is tamed and will no longer run away.

The second method, introduced by Mojang recently, is to adopt a group of feral cats found in witch huts or villages. The rule is that for every four beds villagers sleep in, one cat will appear, up to a maximum of five cats. Taming these wild cats is similar to Ocelots; you need to bring fish along.

6. Conclusion

These are the five animals that 9Minecraft considers the most useful in Minecraft and how to tame them. Which of these animals do you like the most? Do you disagree with our choices? If you have anything to share, please leave a comment at the end of this article to let 9Minecraft and other readers know!

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