The Minecraft community is flushed with excitement after the unexpected announcement of Minecraft Legends – Mojangs’s newest action strategy game. The official announcement trailer has received more than 2 million views on Youtube within 10 hours of release. Let’s see how much can we learn about the game from this trailer!

Watch the trailer here:

As far as we know, Minecraft Legends is a spin-off action-strategy game that happens in the Minecraft world with all of the characters and mobs that we know and love.

Minecraft Legends’ Revealed Plot

Being an action strategy game, Minecraft Legends has an engaging plot line along with many seemingly new and interesting features. 

In the story, a Nether portal rises from the ground to open the invasion of the Piglins to the Overworld.

On the other side, our hero rides the horse while calling for creatures in the Overworld to come together and fight to protect their beloved world. Noticeably, even hostile mobs such as zombies, skeletons, and creepers also go along with the hero in the grand battle.

We are well aware of the power of Piglins and other mobs from the terrifying Nether dimension. However, putting together the force of all creatures from the Overworld, there is no telling how the battle would turn out. It’s also up to you, the hero of the battle, to make use of your leadership skills and come up with effective strategies to protect the world.

New features that appear in the trailer

It’s also exciting to see so many new features and mobs that appear in the trailer, whether they will actually show up in the game or not. The first thing we must notice is the yellow or “shiny” Allay that has shown up alongside the blue one that we have seen in the 1.19 update. 

We can also see this giant Piglin who appears to be the boss or the stronger variant of piglins themselves. However, there is one thing for sure is that they will be more powerful and destructive than the piglins we know.

New structures and battlefields also appear in the trailer. Therefore, players can happily expect that the game will take them through legendary arenas in a blasting journey against the devils.

Since the game will not be released until 2023, we can still expect more details from Mojang about the wonderful Minecraft Legends!

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