Minecraft Server Manager is a Minecraft Server wrapper which goal is providing an unique easy and comfortable way handling a Minecraft Server. It offers an unprecedented easy way to make use of a Minecraft Server. With this tool, you can tap the full potential of Minecraft Servers without any foreknowledge!


Setting up a Minecraft Server:

Running a Minecraft Server alongside of Minecraft Server Manager:

Fast access to the most important settings via TrayIcon:

Server Setup

Control Panel


It also does not have to use any driver, like .NET-Frameworks, Java-Runtimes etc!



  • Added “Task Scheduling”: Task Scheduling allows you to run custom commands on your server in certain intervals. This enables a wide range of very useful features (changing the gamemode/difficulty every hour, making announcements, easy weather-control, automatic world-saving, etc)
  • Some bugfixes

For Minecraft 1.5.1


For 1.3.2

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