Snapshot 13w05a had a few too many bugs and crashes for our liking, so we spent some of Gaming Friday to rectify that! With 11 bugs fixed, say “hello, world” to Snapshot 13w05b!

  • [Bug MC-136] – Visual glitch on retracting piston
  • [Bug MC-2340] – Redstone torches and comparators schedule updates when they should not. Causing unreliable timings.
  • [Bug MC-2416] – Suffocation/jittering/stuck when spawning in a newly created world
  • [Bug MC-7094] – Minecraft crashes when dropping an anvil on certain blocks
  • [Bug MC-7666] – “selectServer.editButton” in place of the server deletion confirmation button
  • [Bug MC-8647] – Death messages not translatable
  • [Bug MC-8775] – Minecraft crash when destroying a jukebox with a disk song inside
  • [Bug MC-8790] – Scoreboard Teams function does not accept @p or @r arguments
  • [Bug MC-8797] – 8-level flat snow does not act like a snow block
  • [Bug MC-8805] – Crash when leaving team after deleting it
  • [Bug MC-8839] – Clicking done when editing sign crashes minecraft





Credits: The Minecraft Team

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