Today’s not Thursday, but there is a Snapshot out anyway – surprise!  Mostly owing to the totally awesome Mojam fundraising game-making maraton, the fine folks at Mojang were quite busy last week, and didn’t release a Snapshot.  This is that Snapshot, all polished up and ready for you!  What lies inside?


  • Mobs can now ride stuff that rides other stuff
  • Players riding stuff will keep it when logging off (ie, if you’re on a minecart and log off, you will take that minecart with you)


  • Language files have been updated
  • Cannot Connect To Own Server While Not Online (LAN) / Playername being E-Mail address when offline
  • Comparators causes block updates while idle
  • Hopper’s name doesn’t change in its GUI after renamed in anvil
  • Command Block Arguments Length
  • Unnecessary delay of “Done” button in the texturepacks menu
  • Hopper don’t update comparator when receiving item stack
  • Mob Spawners failing to “Saving entity NBT”
  • EntityAIAvoidEntity Interference
  • Scoreboard accepts arguments for @p but if not found it will use a wrong nameAnimated blocks and items in texture packs now requires the animation definition (previously it was optional)





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