1.5 is barely out of the oven and we already have a new snapshot ready? This is not a 1.6 snapshot, but rather a 1.5.1 bugfix snapshot… Mojang team hope to be able to release the 1.5.1 update next week

Bug fixes:

  • Ender Dragon can still grief stuff like cobblestone and chests even if the gamerule mobGriefing is set on false.
  • White stitching on polygon edges / White lines or black dots between blocks
  • Unable to combine enchanted books for a higher level enchant.
  • Hopper doesn’t try to place items from other slots if unable from first.
  • Fire doesn’t show on 8 layered snow and hopper
  • Long scoreboard objective titles can be offset screen
  • Breaking a Container with Items that is connected via a solid block with a Comparator does not update the Comparator
  • Falling Block entities start visually falling from 1 block higher than they were placed
  • Paintings popping out / cannot place new ones
  • … and a few Minecraft Realms changes





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