It’s time for another exciting Snapshot! The Mojang crew was hanging in Monaco last week, but rest assured, this week’s Snapshot is nothing shy of sweet! Let’s see what’s on the menu:


  • Added new UI for horses, to control saddle/armour/inventory.
  • Started to move over various things to a new Attribute system. You may see some new tooltips, don’t be scared!
  • Lots of work towards a new Resource Pack system, but not finished yet. Currently still compatible with texture packs.
  • New internal chat system; lots of messages should be translated now that weren’t previously.


  • Damaged Anvils do not show damage in inventory or item frame
  • XP Bar in creative
  • Hay Bales do not burn when set on fire
  • XP, Health and hungerbar are buggy with horses
  • Using a horse spawn egg on a horse works only when riding the horse
  • Can’t throw enderpearls while mounting a horse
  • Player appearance not updating in multiplayer (armor, tools)
  • No way to remove armor or saddles off a horse
  • Horse name tag is shown while riding
  • Sides of cauldron has compass texture after placing compass in Item Frame
  • Bottom part of some types of horses-harness is misplaced
  • Selected item disappears when armor breaks

Client: Download from Server 1

Server (Jar): Download from Server 1

Server (Exe): Download from Server 1

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