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Minecraft has always been about crafting and mining although when Notch created minecraft he added hundreds of crafting recipes however he added just six ores, three of which can’t even be made into tools. However with the new MineScape Mod there is now a total of eight new ores which can all be crafted into new Tools, Weapons and Armour.

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There are now eight new ores which randomly generate throughout your Minecraft World. Here’s the facts about them generating.

Copper Ore:
It is more common than iron but rarer then coal. It can be found up to layer 256

Tin Ore:
Is slightly rarer than copper and can also be found up to layer 256

Silver Ore:
Is slightly rarer than Tin Ore but can be found up to layer 50

Blurite Ore:
Is rarer than iron ore but can only be found up to layer 40

Mithril Ore
Mithril Ore:Is rarer than blurite ore and can be found up to layer 30

Adamant Ore:
Is rarer than diamond and can be found up to layer 15

Runite Ore:
Is even rarer than Adamant and can be found up to layer 10

Dragon Ore:
Is by far the rarest and can be found up to layer 10 however it is common on layer 2

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Just like all the ores in vanilla Minecraft you need a certain level of pickaxe in order to obtain the ore. Here are the levels of all the ores and tools.
Stone: Level 1
Copper Ore: Level 1
Tin Ore: Level 1

Iron Ore: Level 2
Gold Ore: Level 2
Silver Ore: Level 2

Diamond Ore: Level 3
Blurite Ore: Level 3
Mithril Ore: Level 3

Obsidian: Level 4
Adamant Ore: Level 4

Runite Ore: Level 5
Dragon Ore: Level 5

Wooden Pickaxe: Level 1

Stone Pickaxe: Level 2
Gold Pickaxe: Level 2
Bronze Pickaxe: Level 2

Iron Pickaxe: Level 3
Silver Pickaxe: Level 3
Steel Pickaxe: Level 3

Diamond Pickaxe: Level 4
Mithril Pickaxe: Level 4

Adamant Pickaxe: Level 5
Runite Pickaxe: Level 5
Dragon Pickaxe: Level 5

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There are a total of thirty six new weapons which have been added into the mod. Here are all the recipes for all the new weapons in the order of the damage value.
Daggers are the weakest of all the weapons but only require one bar to craft. Here is the recipe.

Swords are like the normal weapon in minecraft but they have been toned down a bit. Here’s the recipe.

Scimitars are the average weapon therefore require the average amount of bars. There are two steps in order to create the weapon. Here’s the recipes.

Long swords:
Long swords also require two steps to make but they are superior to the scimitars. The recipes are</p>

Battle axes:
Battle axes are the ultimate weapon but they require five bars. Here’s the recipe.

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There are now thirty six separate types of tools.The recipes are the same as normal mine craft however the durability and tools speed varies. Here is a list of all the new tools and stats.

Bronze Tools:

Tool Durability = 200
Tool Speed = between stone and Iron

Silver Tools:

Tool Durability = 500
Tool Speed = between Iron and Steel

Steel Tools:

Tool Durability = 250
Tool Speed = between Silver and Mithril

Mithril Tools:

Tool Durability = 800
Tool Speed = between Steel and Diamond

Adamant Tools:

Tool Durability = 2000
Tool Speed = between Diamond and Runite

Runite tools:

Tool Durability
Tool Speed = Between Adamant and Dragon

Dragon Tools:

Tool Durability = 6000
Tool Speed = INSTA-BREAK

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Both Adamant and Runite armour can also be trimmed and although it may cost a lot it is definitely worth it for all you MLG’s !! In order to create the gold trimmed Armour you must craft eight gold ingots and your chosen piece of Armour like so.
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All the Recipes are the same as vanilla minecraft except for a few exceptions. Heres all the new recipes.

Bronze Ingots
To craft a bronze ingot you must craft one copper ore and a tin ore like so and then smelt.

Steel Ingots
To make Steel ingots you must an iron ore block and 2 coal like so:

And then smelted.
Dragon Plates
Finally in order to craft dragon plates (which are used in recipes like ingots) you must craft four dragon shards and a lava bucket together like so.

Copper Buckets:
Copper buckets are the exact same as normal buckets but they cant be used for lava or to collect milk.

Mithril, Adamant and Runite Ingots:

To make these ingots you must collect there ores, add coal and then smelt.

This is a shapeless recipe. Mithril needs 4 coal, Adamant 6 and Runite 8.


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download MineScape Mod
  • Unrar file
  • Put MineScape Mod files into .,inecraft.jar
  • Done



  • When you destroy ores you now get items like in Runescape
  • These Items can either be smelted or crafted and then smelted
  • Steel, Mithril, Adamant and Runite must be crafted with coal before smelting
  • Similar to Runescape Steel needs 2 coal, Mithril needs 4; Adamant needs 6 and Runite needs 8
  • The recipe for Bronze ingots has changed so that one copper and one tin crafts into one bronze composite which is then smelted
  • Finally the textures for iron and silver tools and Armour have swapped

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