Mineshafts & Monsters Modpack (1.16.5) brings the old, and ancient world to Minecraft. Within this old world, players would not only be following a relatively compulsory quest-line, and a decent number of side quests to learn about the lore and the story that was hidden away. At the same time, players are also thrown into disputes between different factions that represent different idealism. These ideals might contradict players’ beliefs, hence, the battle for the realm will commence. Furthermore, players will also get to earn reputations if they fought valiantly for that respective faction. Granted, this new world is not as peaceful as many might imagined since hundreds of new animals, monsters, and dragons are always on the lurk to destroy all of mankind together. Of course, players will not be alone during this journey since they can befriend different factions. Moreover, armors and tools that can be crafted utilizing the new materials are also valuable.


  • New Monsters, Dragons, and Animals.
  • New Factions and Cross-Faction Battle are implemented.
  • Beautiful Biomes, and Caves for players to explore.



Minecraft Forge

How to install:

Please visit the following link for full instructions: How To Download & Install Modpack

Mineshafts & Monsters Modpack (1.16.5) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.16.5

Forge Version (Server files): Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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